dizzying experience of release. "Earth-bound" my jealousy

Jack Cooper could read enough to know all that was upon the milestones and the sign-posts.

dizzying experience of release.

The Roman way to cook a fowl is to do it up with its feathers in clay, and then to put it in fire for a little more than half an hour. When the clay and the burnt feathers are taken from the fowl, the belly cut open, and the inside flung out, 'tis a food good enough for a queen to eat without salt.

dizzying experience of release.

When the Gentile way of living and the Gypsy way of living come together, it is anything but a good way of living.

dizzying experience of release.

He told me once that when he was a chap of twenty he killed a Gentile, and buried the dead meat under ground. He was taken up for the murder, but as no one could find the cold meat, the justices let him go. He said that the job did not sit heavy upon his mind for a long time, but then all of a sudden he became sad, and afraid of the dead Gentile's ghost; and that often of a night, as he was coming half-drunk from the public-house by himself, he would look over his right shoulder and over his left shoulder, to know if the dead man's ghost was not coming behind to lay hold of him.

Do you know the Gypsy way of taking the hand? Aye, aye, brother. Show it to me. They does it so, brother.

A tramp has more fun than a Gypsy.

You have heard the word pazorrus. That is what is called by the Gentiles "trusted," or in debt. In the old time the Roman who got from his brother money or other things on trust, and did not pay him again, could be made to work for him as horse, ass, or wood cutter for a year and a day. At present the matter is not so. If a Roman got money, or other things, from my hand on credit, and did not repay me, how could I make him labour for me as horse, ass, or stick-cutter for one day, not to say for a year?

Do you call this a fair? A very pretty fair is this: you might put it all into your pocket.

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